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With its recent inclusion to our collection, this contemporary uniquely cylindrical shaped planter is a star performer, and has found its place in the market.

Available in six sizes from a mini planter & desk/tabletop to an extra large floor standing feature, the versatile Wilston range can be used singularly or in a group planting environment, especially where room may be at a premium.

Note: Measurements below are in milli-metres (mm)

Code Description Dimensions
(L x W x H)
Suitable Grow Size
WIL18 WILSTON 18 160 x 160 x 180 130mm squat
WIL22 WILSTON 22 260 x 260 x 220 200mm
WIL50 WILSTON 50 390 x 390 x 500 250/300mm
WIL65 WILSTON 65 390 x 390 x 650 250/300mm
WIL80 WILSTON 80 390 x 390 x 800 250/300mm
WIL110 WILSTON 110 600 x 600 x 1100 400mm

Color / Finish

White - Just Add Plants Black - Just Add Plants Charcoal - Just Add Plants Concrete - Just Add Plants

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Styles: Cylinder

Categories: Table Top / Floor

Available Colors: White, Black, Charcoal

Available Finishes: Concrete



Dimensions 260 × 260 × 220 mm

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