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From the design brief to its creation, this planter range was always created with true elegance, style and pure beauty in mind.

One of our most popular of ranges, the Hendra is a contemporary, curved-lined planter available in four sizes, ideally used in either duo or trio groupings. It is produced in all colours, enabling it to be used
widely in both the home and office environment.

Note: Measurements below are in milli-metres (mm)

Code Description Dimensions
(L x W x H)
Suitable Grow Size
HEN30 HENDRA 30 170 x 170 x 300 140mm
HEN46 HENDRA 46 390 x 390 x 460 250/300mm
HEN66 HENDRA 66 390 x390 x 660 250/300mm
HEN76 HENDRA 76 260 x 260 x 760 200mm
HEN106 HENDRA 106 390 x 390 x 1060 250/300mm

Color / Finish

White - Just Add Plants Black - Just Add Plants Red - Just Add Plants Charcoal - Just Add Plants Orange - Just Add Plants Concrete - Just Add Plants Dune - Just Add Plants Ivory - Just Add Plants Jasper - Just Add Plants Fizzy Sandy Bank - Just Add Plants

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Styles: Vase

Categories: Floor

Available Colors: White, Black, Red, Charcoal, Orange

Available Finishes: Concrete



Dimensions 390 × 390 × 460 mm

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