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The Auchenflower range has been designed to perform in those multiple, grouped planting situations with sheer elegance. Straight lined, tapered or oval shaped, these planters are widely used for their simply stunning appearance

The Auchenflower lends itself to a wide range of areas, with its gorgeous streamlined modern look.

Note: Measurements below are in milli-metres (mm)

Code Description (Style) Dimensions
(L x W x H)
Grow Pot Size
AUC17S Auchenflower 17 (Short – Straight)  380x175x175 2 x 140mm
AUC17L Auchenflower 17 (Long – Straight)  760x175x175 4 x 140mm
AUC18 Auchenflower18 (Oval)  420x260x180 1 x 200mm squat
AUC22 Auchenflower 22 (Straight)  850x260x220 3 x 200mm
AUC30 Auchenflower 30 (Oval)  900x510x300 2 x 250mm
AUC31 Auchenflower 31 (Tapered)  900x320x310 3 x 250mm
AUC35 Auchenflower 35 (Straight) 900x320x350 3 x 250mm
AUC40 Auchenflower 40 (Tapered)  1200x390x400 4 x 250mm 3 x 300mm
AUC60S Auchenflower 60 (Short – Straight)  900x320x600 3 x 250mm
AUC60L Auchenflower 60 (Long – Straight)  1150x320x600 4 x 250mm

Color / Finish

White - Just Add Plants Black - Just Add Plants Red - Just Add Plants Charcoal - Just Add Plants Orange - Just Add Plants Timber - Just Add Plants Concrete - Just Add Plants

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Styles: Trough, Tapered Trough, Oval

Categories: Table Top / Floor

Available Colors: White, Black, Red, Charcoal, Orange

Available Finishes: Timber, Concrete

The varied trough sizes can be utilised on a table/desk, as a floor feature, single or used as a repetitious petition planter, in the home or office environment.

Auchenflower lends itself to a wide range of areas, with its gorgeous streamlined modern look.

Dimensions 380 x 175 x 175 mm

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Season Special

Milton 38

50% off

With contemporary styling the Milton planter range will marry well with any choice of plant small or tall to achieve a look quite different for your modern day living.

It's cube appearance and straight lines, make it stable & suitable to be used singularly or in grouped situations with others from the range.

Suitable for a 300mm Grow pot or can be used with a 250mm pot with the purchase of that insert plate.

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